Finding myself in a studio

To make a long story short, I ended up in a recording studio because my mom’s friends heard my music and encouraged me (extremely) to check it out. They are relentless. I was very apprehensive because I never in a million years thought of myself as a professional musician, but curiosity won out eventually.

We visited two studios. The first was a small piano studio and was an awful experience because the owner of the studio made it clear that his studio was primarily for ‘trained’ musicians. I basically wanted to never visit another one ever again. However, my mom is an eternal optimist and encouraged me to keep visiting studios until I found one where the vibe was positive and fun, and where I would find people who just loved making music for the sake of it.

Thankfully, we toured the Robert Lang Studio next. I’m not sure what it was about this place. It could have been the cool engineer (Joel – yep, you), or the fact that Robert gave us a great tour and was totally encouraging, or the ghost that resides there who made it clear that I was welcomed and encouraged to play. And, while I just sat and played the two engineers setting up for someone’s session just listened and enjoyed my music which is all I was really looking for.

There is a lot more to my feelings about the whole recording experience. But, one thing for sure is that I’ll be forever grateful for the kind people at Robert Lang Studios for making me feel welcome and making the experience of recording one that I’ll always remember as one of the best awakenings of my life.

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By michellemayer

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