Yes, I play the piano

Weird as it sounds, it is probably a surprise for nearly everyone who knows me that I play the piano. Not that I tried to keep this as a big secret or something. I have just always played the piano late at night and as a way to process my thoughts and life. No one, with the exception of my family and friends who hang out late, are ever around for that. And I never made a big deal about it or thought of telling anyone.

If I’m being honest, there is probably even more to it than that. Playing the piano for me is the most unfiltered expression of my thoughts and feelings. Songs on the piano pour out for me like words on a diary do for other people. Who goes around and asks people to read their diary? That is pretty much how I’ve felt about my music.

While it’s not awkward for me to talk with others about when and why I play the piano, it is hard to play in front of others without feeling self conscious. The piano is such an intimate time for me to just release that having someone watch and listen when my improvisations aren’t perfect makes me doubt my abilities as a musician. I think every musician playing their own music for some form of an audience can relate to those feelings.

So, for the record: I play the piano and experiment with music and sound because it is fun….and I love it

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