Untrained Melodies

Michelle Mayer musicThis album is a compilation of original songs that I’ve written over the years (most of them when I was in high school). Because this album is my first, and before I’ve had any training, I’m calling it Untrained Melodies. It is for the most part raw, unfiltered, and probably breaks all sorts of normal music rules that I’m bound to learn about in the coming months and years. Each song on this album reflects some scene, experience or thought. You can decide what they mean to you, but for me they were very much a soundtrack to my life in that moment. I hope you can feel the emotion in each of them, and they conjure up something real for you too. Here is what they were about when I wrote them:

  • Spring: It was the first sunny day after a long Seattle winter…so, I was inspired by the sun, the flowers and the hope of spring.
  • Campfire: I was thinking about a campfire and the undeniable smell of a smoke in the air at summer time and just the simplicity of a campfire.
  • Growing up: I wrote this after a really bad day and I was processing the harshness of people and life and trying to figure out who I am in the middle of it all.
  • Letting go: After having gone through a breakup I wrote this song to signify the end of that chapter and to move on with my life.
  • Elevate: Is a light and bouncy song at the beginning then ends with my interpretation of a car commercial.
  • Forest: I wrote this when I was in a relationship and was trying to figure out if there was anything of substance in it. It was a bit like wandering in the forest.
  • Celebrate: I wrote this for a friend as a birthday present to celebrate her.
  • Ever Present: This was written, mostly as a prayer, for the parents of a friend of mine who were dealing with life altering health issues. It was mostly an encouragement not to give up.
  • Storytime: Not really planned for this album nor was it a ‘song’ that I wrote, I was just sitting in the studio and decided to tell stories on the piano. I didn’t realize the engineer was recording it.
  • Until Next time:┬áThis was written in the light of a “next time” to hope for what isn’t here at present but what once was. So, this was written in anticipation of experiencing it again.

Untrained Melodies is my first (public) step exploring music and sound. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as have enjoyed creating them.

You can listen to these songs for free on this website, on SoundCloud and Spotify, or on other music services like Tidal. You can also buy the album from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play. Profits from sales of Untrained Melodies will go to the Treehouse for Kids to help fund music lessons for teens in foster care.

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